Official Launch: April 30th, 2022
One Time Opportunity To Get Our Lifetime Deal

Monitor All Your Marketing Campaigns in One Dashboard

(Fb ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads, E-mail, etc)

Tabumetrics helps E-commerce and Info-Products businesses to track their ads performance accurately and gather all their data into one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Connect your traffic source to Tabumetrics in ONE click
  • Access Tabumetrics Tracking Technology to finally track accurately your campaigns performances
  • Get all your marketing data into ONE comprehensive dashboard
  • Take efficient business decisions based on reliable source

From Etienne, co-founder of Tabumetrics,

Monday 14th, February 2022,

Who is this for?



Digital Marketing Agency Owners,
Media Buyers,
E-commerce owners,
Info-Product business owners,

If You Run Ads For Your Own Business:

If you are investing thousands of dollars per month in advertising, I’ll show you how Tabumetrics can help you Scale Your Business, Save Thousands of Dollars and Dominate Your Competition.

If You Run Ads For Clients:

Tabumetrics will help you STEP UP your game in the advertising industry and will allow you to set YOURSELF APART when closing future clients or retaining your current clients.


Clients love data and results. It can be difficult to gather all the data from your marketing campaigns (Fb ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads etc) and match your numbers with what they have.


Tabumetrics will do it for you.


Save yourself a substantial amount of time collecting the results of your marketing campaigns and END NOW all sorts of conflicts with your clients debating YOUR RESULTS.

Connect all your paid ads source in 1 Click
(FB Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads, E-mail Marketing)

“I can’t believe how easy it is to connect Tabumetrics to my sources of traffic. I’m gaining so much time managing my clients and they are actually very impressed by the fact of having all their data into one dashboard

Cédric Anger - CEO of Speed-Ecom
more than 100+ Beta Testers to date

How Tabumetrics Can Help You Scale Your Business?

As marketers / business owners, we face a certain number of problems… By creating Tabumetrics, we want to help you save so much time so you can focus on what’s important for your business: Generate more money while paying attention to your profit.

When using several paid ads channels promoting our businesses, gathering efficiently our data can be challenging.


Tabumetrics will pull out all your marketing data and place them into ONE comprehensive dashboard. (FB ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, Youtube Ads, TikToks ads and more to come)


In a blink of an eye, you will be able to monitor all your ads performance in real time and make efficient strategic decisions for your business.

Unfortunately, paid source ads’ dashboards lack accuracy in their conversion tracking. It then becomes a nightmare to make efficient decisions when we base them on unreliable sources.


Using Tabumetrics allow you to use our tracking technology. We will walk you through our tracking set up. It will take you literally 5 minutes to understand and implement it.


Knowing that you will have accurate data will give you way more confidence when managing your ads.

Tabumetrics is built by marketers FOR marketers.


When doing influence marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to measure with accuracy the ROI of your campaign.


Tabumetrics got you covered.


By combining Tabumetrics tracking technology and its dashboard, you will get a clear view on the results of your influence marketing campaigns and will be able to access the data of your previous one.

Here is what our Beta-Tester have to say about Tabumetrics

What’s That Crazy Launch Offer About?

I have nothing to sell you on this page.


I’m building a community of people who could benefit tremendously from our software (Digital Marketing Agencies, Media Buyers, E-commerce and Info-Product Owners).


The thing is, we will be launching Tabumetrics very soon on a trusted tech platform (around 1 million users).


By joining our community, you will know EXACTLY when we will be launching and you will make sure to access our CRAZY LAUNCH DEAL.


It’s NO marketing tactic here, the launch will happen for A WEEK ONLY and you will get access to Tabumetrics for a RIDICULOUS PRICE and this… FOR LIFE (NO RECURRING FEE).


We want to be 100% transparent.

If you are not part of our community yet, it’s most likely that you will miss our launch (yay, I understand… we all get busy and have to think of 1 000 things a day) …

If you were to miss our Crazy Launch Offer, you will end up paying $149/month (for our starter plan) instead of a Lifetime Offer for almost NOTHING.


Some businesses are actually paying thousands of dollars every month to get this kind of tracking system…


I don’t want to spoil our launch…


But our lifetime offer will come with a system of license…


So if you are running multiple businesses or have multiple clients, then for ONE lifetime payment you will get SEVERAL licenses.


If you are serious about scaling your E-commerce or Info-Products business and / or want to provide a VIP Experience to your client as a digital marketing agency or media buyer, then, come and join the Tabumetrics Community

Regular Tracking Software

Thousands of $ / month

TabuMetrics AT LAUNCH

Ridiculous Price for Several Licences


$1788 / year

(starter plan)

You are probably wondering here, what’s the catch?

There is no catch.


The aim of this launch is to build a strong community with people who are serious about what they do.


We work FOR & WITH you!


We want to have continuous feedbacks in order to improve our software and help even more entrepreneurs to get better results and make their life simpler.


At Tabumetrics, we believe that the best marketing is a happy client.


This is why we want to offer a lifetime deal for those who trust us initially.


We know that you guys, are going to help us to build the #1 ad tracking tool on the market so many entrepreneurs can benefit from our service.

What are the risks?

Well… the crazy thing is that there is ZERO RISK.


The launch will happen on a trusted Tech Platform… (more than 1 million user)


The platform will GUARANTEE you a 2 MONTHS period to get your money back if you are unhappy with our software.


For some reasons I can’t disclose what the price will be exactly…


But remember, our starter plan will start at $149/month so around $1788/year.


Being there during the launch will allow you to get MULTIPLE LICENCE for a ONE-TIME PAYMENT while some businesses pay thousand of dollars to access this kind of services.

Let Me Share Our Story With You…

I, Etienne, used to teach E-commerce in the French Ecom Space.


And Eric, the co-founder of Tabumetrics was one of my students.


Over the past 4 years, we’ve always kept in touch.


But something weird happened in November 2021.


During a trip to France, I asked Eric if we wanted to go for lunch.


During that lunch, he was sharing with me the big successes he was having with his digital marketing agency…


But it was not ALL…


He then revealed that, during his spare time, he was building Tabumetrics.


The backstory is that Eric and his team were managing ads for various clients…


And he became so fed up with the poor tracking experience with the ads platform…


This poor experience would lead to:

  • Conflicts about performance with his clients
  • His clients paying him LESS than what he was entitled to
  • The feeling of getting screwed over by his clients

Eric does not like conflict. He is a very calm dude and always surpasses himself to deliver the best experience he can to his clients.


He thought to himself: “Wait a minute ! If I build a reliable tracking software, then all the conflicts will disappear and I will actually get accurate reports on all my marketing actions.”


Eric did not write a line of code for over 20 years.


And he built, just on his own, this amazing software during his spare time (yeah, I know right, you might be wondering who the fuck builds an entire SaaS during his spare time. Eric does 🤓)


While still having lunch and being amazed by what he had done…


I had to ask him this TOUCHY QUESTION…: “How many users do you have?”


With a small voice he replied: “None. Only my digital marketing clients”


I could NOT BELIEVE what I was hearing.


Furiously, I threw at him: “How selfish are you? Do you know how many people you could help with a software like that?”


You might ask yourself why I was furious…


Well, in life, it’s rare to meet very talented people who are committed to excellence.


And when those people undervalue themselves for the work they’ve done…


It simply KILLS ME.


The truth is, Eric is not comfortable with business stuff.


He is doing MAGIC with product development because this is where he EXCELS.


From his own point of view, building a software like Tabumetrics was “normal”. When I mean normal it’s like “everyone can do it, I’m not special.”


Being myself in the marketing space, as soon as I got home I started using Tabumetrics.


And I was convinced straight away by how it could help me in the businesses I was running and how it could help so many online entrepreneurs.


  • Few days later, I decided to join him on this venture with the mission of helping:
    Digital marketing agency owners & media buyers to provide a PREMIUM EXPERIENCE to their clients
  • E-commerce and info-products business owners to scale their businesses, save money and dominate their competition

And then what?

4 months after the start of our journey together we:

  • Onboarded approximately 100 Beta-Testers (to get feedbacks)
  • Migrated to AWS to increase our server capacity
  • Went from a 1 MAN team to a team of 4,5 people (we did not cut someone in half there is just someone working part-time for now)

After being on stealth mode for some time…

It’s time to release Tabumetrics!

And this is why we plan a launch at the end of April 2022 on a big Tech platform (around 1 million user)

And by joining our community you will be notified exactly when the launch will happen.

Just bear in mind that, our lifetime offer will only available during the launch. After that, our starter price will be at $159/mo.


For now, our on-boarding is mainly suited to our current beta-testers who mainly use Shopify, Woocommerce, Clickfunnels and Learnybox. However, you can already use Tabumetrics with any CMS. We are currently in the process of making more CMS available on the on-boarding step.
Currently we have connections with facebook ads, google ads, tiktok ads and we are working on snapchat and pinterest.
Tabumetrics is built by marketers FOR marketers. When doing influence marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to measure with accuracy the ROI of your campaign. Tabumetrics got you covered. By combining Tabumetrics tracking technology and its dashboard, you will get a clear view on the results of your influence marketing campaigns and will be able to access the data of your previous one.

Yes absolutely. We believe the best marketing is a happy client. We are playing the long-term game here.


Just be aware that we are constantly improving our user experience and product.


We use users’ feedback to do so.


By getting our Crazy Launch Offer, you’ll get access to your license(s) for life.


However, if you ask your money back through the platform we are going to use, you will NEVER be able to access our software at THIS PRICE.


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